domingo, enero 10, 2016

Keep it. Zip it.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is keep what's hurting you to yourself. Just to avoid hurting others and to avoid making them feel sad.

Not for you, for them. They need their time, they need to study, to work, they might be out with friends. You don't tend to consider in what situation they're in when you're about to tell them your problems, and you might mess a good night, or a good study session.

So I've decided to keep it. Keep to myself what's hurting me and what might hurt others. Sometimes it's better to put some distance, to keep everything hidden as if it didn't exist, to pretend it isn't there and it doesn't hurt. Sometimes it's better to ignore your phone as much as you can, because talking to that person means you might end up telling your problems and hurting the person you love.

Maybe if I pretend it doesn't exist long enough, I'd end up feeling like it's not there.
Maybe if I hide it in a corner long enough, it'd become something harmless.

Or maybe if I pretend it doesn't exist, I might end up drowning again.
Or maybe if I hide it in a corner, the day it comes back from its hiding place it'll come back stronger than ever.

You know how bad it hurts the other person when you tell them. So instead of just being egocentric and meeting the need of telling someone your problems, maybe you need to take a step backwards and think about the power of your problems on them. Think about how they feel powerless or distracted, how you might ruin a study or work session, how you might mess up a good night sleep or a night out with friends. Or even just a night at home watching a movie.

So you better keep it if you want them to be ok.

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