martes, octubre 06, 2015

You inspire me.

Yes. I might be annoyingly cheesy most of the times, but I do look up to you.
I look at you when you laugh, when you smile and when you're concentrated while playing videogames.
I look at you when you are out partying having a blast, and when you're looking at me while I work or read I try to feel how you look at me.

I look up to you because you live with no regrets, full of happiness and without thinking about the same thing over and over.
You live in a simple way, you enjoy the smallest things and you try to remember good times every now and then.

You don't tend to worry about stuff, the opposite as I do.

This is why I look up to you. You literally inspire me to be a better person, to build a better version of myself. A version of myself with less worries, less sadness and definitely more happiness and laughter.

You've told me a million times I worry too much. And you're totally right. I worry about literally everything, even the stuff that has no relation with me whatsoever. I worry about problems that have nothing to do with me, and that I can't definitely fix. I should be happy, worrying about stuff and people that are really worth it, and try to forget problems as fast as they come.

I'm with you because you make me happy, because I love you and because you make me want to be a better version of myself. And nobody ever before has made me feel this.

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