domingo, mayo 10, 2015

They fix your heart. They fix your life.

"One day someone will hug you so tight, that all of your broken pieces will fit back together."

When you're trying to fall asleep but you can't. When you're trying to cry but tears won't come out. When you're trying so hard to feel tired but you feel awake. That's when you're the most vulnerable. When all of your feelings come out and your mind it's too busy to relax. When a thousand words wander in your mind and want to get out, to be written down, to be said out loud, to be sang. 

Too many words, too many scenarios that didn't happen, too many songs, too many bad experiences, too many reasons to cry, but also too many reasons to smile

I've found out that sometimes you don't need to cry, or to talk. You don't need to explain everything that has been happening to you. You just need someone to hug you so tight that you feel how your world makes sense again. How your negative feelings go away for just a few seconds. Happiness takes over the place that your sadness is occupying in your heart. Positive thoughts take over the place of the negative thoughts that are wandering in your mind

Exactly how the quote says. All of your broken pieces fit back together. It's not just a matter of seconds, it's the feeling that remains. The smell. The touch of that person. The tightness with which that person hugged you. That moment in which you don't want to let go. That's what really matters when a hug brings you back to your old self. A happy old self that slept fine, ate good, felt fine and lived happily. 

A hug is worth a million words. A thousand pieces of advice. A hundred songs. A hug is worth the world. Sometimes you just need a tight hug that will bring you back to life. Back to who you were before and that will wake you up from your sadness. It will eventually take you out of the darkness you've drowned in. It will eventually make you feel alive again, like you're worth it. It will make the pain go away. For just a few seconds. Seconds that count more than hours thinking over and over about your sadness. 

They fix your heart. They fix your life.

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