lunes, marzo 23, 2015

Watching lovers being lovers

When you spend as much time as I do at a train station you see lots of couples saying goodbye, lots of couples saying hello, couples fighting...
And when you sit, with your headphones on, and focus on their eyes you can see how they feel. You clearly see when they're truly madly deeply in love with their lover, when they are listening to them or when they are just staring, magnified by the person they have in front of them and feeling the luckiest person alive for being able to call that person their lover. 

I believe that just by looking at someone's eyes you can see what they're going through, if they're going through a tough day, if their eyes are glowing and you see their smiles in the wrinkles around their eyes, if the skin around their eyes is red and puffy and if their eyes smile while their mouths do.

I believe that when your eyes smile along with your lips it's just incredible. How your eyes can tell so much about you, about your life, your strength, your happiness... 

It's hard for me to make direct eye contact with people, mostly with people I really care about. I feel like they can see every weakness, every bad moment, every bad memory... And I'm afraid they also might see me how I see myself. But also I think that if I can see happiness in other people's eyes, why won't they see happiness in mine? I consider myself happy. Everyday there's some little detail that will make you fully happy, so I pretty much think I'm happy, even though I might be in one of my worst moments. 
So if, like me, you're afraid that people might eventually see you how you see yourself, think about how you see the rest of the people just by making eye contact. Do you see their weaknesses? Or do you see their eyes smiling?

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