lunes, febrero 23, 2015


It's just amazing how one day you're feeling depressed, drowning into a huge darkness you know you can't get out of that easily; and a few days later you're feeling happy, you even dare to say you feel confident.
It's not because of a person, or because something that happened to you (although that makes a difference in your life). It's because of the way you think, the way you want to live your life and how you want to see things.

You either see all the negative things in your life and feel bad about it, or you try to sum up your day with one or two sentences with good things that happened to you. I started doing that two weeks ago, and it has changed the way I see things, the way I laugh, the way I look at everything. 
I've written positive things every single day from the past two weeks or so. I has shown me how life is not that tough, and that even when you're having a bad day there's always small positive things that make your day better. 

Even if it's one conversation, one meal, one person that smiled at you while you were on your way out of the subway, anything. Writing positive things and trying to think about positive things even when you're sad or mad, it's what really works when you want to to get out of that darkness you're falling into.

When I felt that everything was going wrong, I couldn't do sports, I couldn't dance, I failed a class presentation, I was not getting to where I wanted to go, my stomach was feeling worse than ever and I felt alone even though I knew I was not, everything was negative, even the positive things. It made me feel much worse thinking about those bad things that were happening to me over and over. Until one day I decided that it was time to be done with it. I did not want to fall into that darkness that absorbs every single bit of your happiness and positiveness and won't let you see the good things in life. I did not want to feel like I was drowning every single day, and I wanted to find a way out of that. 

I finally found it, and I've started writing again, every day. Not only positive things that happened, but about life, about how's everything going, I've started playing piano and guitar again and actually enjoy it, It's like my life is changing. Even my knee is feeling better, my stomach doesn't hurt that much, and I'm even feeling kind of confident. 

It might sound weird, but sometimes thinking all the time about the negative things makes your life miserable, while thinking about the positive things makes your life much more enjoyable and easy. This makes you harder to hit, it makes you stronger. 
Happiness is not a point in your life that you reach when you start working on what you dreamed of when you were a child, or when you meet that special someone. Happiness happens every single day, with the little things that make you truly happy for a second, but count more than the things that make you feel sad for hours.

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