miércoles, diciembre 25, 2013


There are people that come into your life suddenly and unexpectedly. That you don't expect them to be that important for you. But there they are, miles apart, but at the same time right next to you.
She's one of them. She came into my life a Sunday. In an airport. On our way to California.

I think one of the best things about her is that no matter what time of the day, what is happening or if it's that important or not, she's right there beside me. That if I feel like talking for an hour or two, you know you can call her and talk about what's going on, about life, about people.
That no matter what, even if you did something wrong, she will support you. She will tell you whether you did right or wrong. Whether you were right or you could've done something better. Whether you deserve everything you have or you deserve better.
She's one of those people that even if you only meet her twice or three times a year, still remains in your heart every single day.

Someone you can count on. Someone you can cry to. Someone you can call when your boyfriend's just dumped you. Someone you can talk to until 3 am (just when you both are tired) when you're together. Someone you can talk to until 5 am (just when you both are not tired at all) when you're together. Someone you can watch YouTube videos for hours. Someone you can daydream with.

She's the very first person that comes into my mind when something good, weird or bad happens. No matter what it is, I always tell her all my stuff, even the stupidest things ever.
She has the exact same life as I do, the exact same problems, and we constantly live in the exact same situation. And that is just amazing.

I fall, she saves me. She falls, I'm there to catch her. I cry, she's there to wipe out my tears. She cries, I'm there to hug her tight. I laugh, she's there laughing with me. She laughs, I'm there laughing and contemplating that beautiful smile and laugh.
I love you more than words can say, I miss you more than you could even imagine.

July 3rd 2011. My current girl best friend came into my life. And since then, she hasn't left. Not even one day. Thank you. I love you.

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LULLABY dijo...

Que bonita la amistad:) Feliz Navidad!