viernes, julio 26, 2013

People come and go.

Everything changed. He told me that people come and go, and after spending almost a day traveling and in an airport, I've realized how much your life changes depending on the people who are around you. 
Meeting new people for just a couple of minutes and wishing them a good flight back home, people you will never meet again. People who have helped you to find your gate, or not to be alone. 
You look at people who are waiting for the same flight as you are, and wonder why they are going there. Maybe they're meeting their families, or their friends, or they are going to work. You can see that in their faces, excitement, boredom, happiness, sadness for leaving their loved ones...
So many emotions in the same place. 
I've realized how much we get attached to people. One day they can be there for you, but at night everything changes and suddenly you are not friends or best friends anymore. 
Maybe someone who's really important for you right now, someone who has saved you, tomorrow is not there for you. But you're not alone yet. You have yourself.
One of my closest friends told me to trust myself. If you don't trust yourself, if you don't love yourself, who's gonna do it?

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