miércoles, febrero 20, 2013

Old words.

"I've been spending the last 3 years of my life thinking that love wasn't beautiful. That love hurt. But... I've found out that is something much better. You love me for who I am, and not for someone you would want me to be. Love is something unpredictable, that arrives at your life when you least expect it. It can be that friend you've known since you were a child, or that person on the street that you see everyday on your way to college. You don't know what love will bring you until it shows up at your door. You also don't notice that saying "I love you" to someone means more than words. Means that you give that someone your heart, the most important thing. And you take care of someone's heart at the same time. Good things come when you least expect them... and people say love is more than a good thing. It's something that fixes your heart when it has been broken, that makes you feel the most beautiful girl in the world, even without make up, in your PJ's and when you've just waken up. You should fall in love with someone who loves you, who respects you and won't leave your side ever."

These are my thoughts about love. My best friend thinks the same. Love comes. Have patience. Don't rush. If it's bound to happen, it will happen. Sooner or later, but it will. 
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This was written 07/11/2012, and I've just found out I didn't publish it. And I'm in love with this. This is 100% true. I mean, you can look for that "prince charming" that you think you deserve until you find him, but why keep on looking for him? Maybe it's right in front of you, maybe you haven't realized yet. Maybe you've met the right person, but you're too young or you're not ready to fall in love yet. People come in and out of your life, so you'll never know who will really remain by your side forever, or who will leave. Don't waste your time, tears or smiles on people who don't really worth it.

Learn when you have to let go, to forgive and to forget.

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Eva dijo...

Qué palabras más bonita, yo ya encontré a la persona adecuada, y esta´entrada me ha traído recuerdos muy bonitos (:
Un besazo de tu nueva seguidora!

Teresa Pastor dijo...

Cada día me quedas más.. más.. alucinada por decir algo, porque no sé que decir. Que grandes y sabias palabras, ¡qué buena Juls! ¡QUÉ BUENA! Espero que estés genial y que tengo ganas de saber de ti, pásate cuando queiras! He hecho cambios en el blog y acabo de darme cuenta de que tenemos cosas muy muy parecidas! jajaja Muchos besos guapa!

Jessica R dijo...

me ha encantado!!!! muchas gracias por pasarte, Juls :))