martes, febrero 26, 2013

No expectations. No heartache.

Don't go to sleep thinking that maybe everything changes. Don't smile every time he talks to you, thinking that maybe, some day, all those memories that you have become moments again.
Don't think that, cause you will get your heart broken. 
If you imagine moments in the future, though you know perfectly well that won't happen, and that future arrives and doesn't happen anything, you'll have that feeling of disappointment, of sadness... 
So just let things happen. Life will take you wherever you have to go, at the right moment, for the right reason and with the right person.
If something's bound to happen, it will happen. Don't believe in something until it doesn't really happen. Don't believe words until they don't become actions
Just live the present. If you have to enjoy it, do it. If you have to suffer it, try to pass those tough times. 
But don't live believing in expectations. 
So, next time you say something, I won't make up moments in my head like an idiot. I'll just wait for things to happen, if they are bound to happen, or I'll let life get me somewhere else.

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