domingo, enero 27, 2013

Go for it.

You've missed a million things just because you weren't paying attention.
You've cried too many tears just because you thought you weren't strong enough.
You've hidden a thousand smiles just because you were afraid.
You've felt insecure during the past few years just because one person told you you weren't good enough.

But what makes you worth it is that you're capable of smiling when noone else can. You are capable of telling the world how you feel just by listening to a song. You can hide those tears just to make someone smile.
If you have a dream, don't give up on it. Keep fighting, even if you think it's too far from you, there's always a way that takes you there. It may be sooner or later, but it will take you there somehow.
Your life, your choices. You choose between being happy or being sad, even when nobody deserves your tears or when you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. You choose between falling and stay on the ground, or falling and stand up to continue your journey. You choose between telling people your feelings or keeping people away, just so they don't notice how you really feel. You choose between loving or hating someone.
Don't waste your time hating people, don't waste your time planning a future that won't happen, don't waste your time hiding smiles and don't waste your time filling your eyes with tears that won't let you see the beautiful world in front of you.

Smile at little things, enjoy those little details that make your life different and special. Feel like you're not one more person, feel like there's no one like you. You are special in your own way, no matter what.

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Mariana Rojo dijo...

Me ha gustado mucho tu blog!! Ya te sigo!!
Me gustaría que visitaras el mío...
Un beso!!

Vera dijo...

This is so beautifully written! Very inspiring and I love the pictures that went with your clever words :)

Vera dijo...

This is so beautifully written! Very inspiring and I love the pictures that went with your clever words :)

danixoxo99 dijo...

muchas gracias por seguirme te sigo de vuelta <3

perla dijo...

tienes un blog muy lindo y me gusta tu estilo
te gustaría que nos sigamos mutuamente hasme saber para seguirte de vuelta besos desde

Lady Madrid dijo...

Gracias por pasarte por mi blog preciosa! Me ha encantado el tuyo :) Me ha hecho especial ilusión el nombre, ya que yo también estoy perdidamente enamorada de NY!
un besazo enorme desde

elarmariodelanena dijo...

preciosas fotos, me parecen relajantes :D
un besazo y mil gracias por pasar por el blog¡¡