lunes, noviembre 12, 2012


"Sometimes you just get tired of waiting. Waiting for love to come or waiting for that person to be brave enough to talk to you. Waiting for life to give you back what it took away from you. You just get tired, and you don't wanna wait anymore. 
Sometimes stop waiting helps you to see what you really want. To see that love comes when you least expect it. But while you're loving someone, and your best friend is broken because of someone, it's just sick. You get tired of telling him that he should talk to her. He's loosing her, and he just hasn't realized that yet. He will realize that when he sees her whith another someone that makes her happy. When she feels real happiness that lasts and not happiness that is for a couple of months.
Maybe people don't realize some things just because they are blind. But not because they can't see with their eyes, but with their heart. I know what people say, listen to your heart, but people are deaf. If you love someone you can't get tired of her. You. Just. Can't. 
As soon as he realizes he's lost her, she will be with another man, or having fun with her best friends. Knowing he's staring at her and trying to forget all the damage he caused to her and all the love she gave him. It will be too late then, so we're just hoping he realizes now, so he won't lose her as friend."

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